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7 Accessories Every Man Should Own


bow-tiev2601. Bow Tie and Tie

A gentleman’s best friend. One of the simplest ways to complete an outfit is with a tie or bow tie. Owning several different bow ties and ties will allow you to create a variety of different styles and give your outfit a distinguished look.


pocket-squarev2302. Pocketsquare

A tastefully folded pocket square placed gracefully in your suits breast pocket will add character and color to your suit. While your pocket square should complement your shirt or tie, it should not be identical to your tie – this is a big style sin in pocket square wearing etiquette.



walletv2303. Slim Wallet/Card Holder

A bulky, worn out wallet crammed with receipts and dozens of unused loyalty cards tells everybody that you’re unorganized. Invest in a slim wallet and carry only your essentials – this expresses the fact that you’re in control of your life.



socksv2304. Socks

Socks are a timeless style piece and every gentleman should have at least a few pairs. For neutral colored socks, choose a color that is a shade darker or lighter than your trousers. For colorful patterns and neon socks, choose one that nicely contrasts your trousers but doesn’t overpower your outfit.


scarf_new5. Scarf

Scarves add a strong element of style to your outfit and keeps your neck warm in winter. They can also introduce color to a dull outfit. Stick with wool or cashmere scarves for winter.


beltv2306. Belt

An essential part of every mans wardrobe. A black or brown belt will be your best choice since these colors will go well with almost any outfit you own. A good fashion tip to remember when wearing a suit is to match the color of your belt with the color of your shoes and your watch strap.


watch_forblog7. Watch

A casual dress watch has the perfect balance of practicality and makes for a great visual accessory. Every gentleman should have at least one classical watch that blends seamlessly into his wardrobe. Make sure the color of your watch strap matches your shoes and belt if they’re all leather.

A watch serves three main purposes:

  1. Self-expression of taste and style
  2. Completing an outfit
  3. Efficient time telling by glancing at your wrist to check the time instead of fumbling in your pockets to pull out your phone constantly, especially when you have other items in your hands or in situations where you’re unable to take out your phone such as on a crowded train, while riding a motorbike, or in a meeting where it may seem rude to be using your phone.

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