How To Build A Versatile Wardrobe On a Budget


In this guide we’re going to show you the essentials of building your first dapper wardrobe. The best part about this is, you can get started today even if you’re on a tight budget.

The golden rule when it comes to building your first essential wardrobe is versatility. If your clothing isn’t versatile and can’t be interchanged with one another, you’re going to have a tough time building many different outfits with what you have and will ultimately end up spending more money unnecessarily.

The second key point is fit – clothes are simple, but it’s the fit that makes a world of difference. Buy clothing that has a snug fit your body while still retaining free motion and feeling comfortable (very different from tight fitting clothes). If necessary, find yourself a tailor to get your clothes altered.

It’s actually not expensive to get clothes tailored even though there’s a common misconception that it is.

One week example of how to interchange your new wardrobe:


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3x Button-Down Shirts

shirtsButton-down shirts are the staples to your wardrobe.

Start with white since it is the most versatile color then add into your wardrobe a light blue shirt second.

For your third button-down shirt, pick a darker shade of blue or even navy with a pattern for some variety while still keeping your shirts versatile with your wardrobe.

3x Cotton-Blend Trousers

Cotton blend trousersThese always look sharp but aren’t too fancy like suit pants.

They’re also amazingly comfortable for day to day wear and can be worn to every occasion.

Start with navy, and then move onto grey then beige/tan.

Choose a slim fit (different from skinny pants which hug your legs) since they aren’t too tight or too loose and will complement your figure best.

2x Sports Jackets

sports jacketGet yourself a two-buttoned, single breasted sports jacket – this allows for the option to add a pocket square to further enhance your style

Start with navy to match your first pair of trousers then add a grey one to your wardrobe when your budget allows.

Sports jackets are different from suit jackets and blazers in that they’re slightly less dressy and are more suitable for day to day wear while still looking stylish.

2x Ties

tiev2A solid navy tie should be your first purchase.

Navy is the king of versatile in tie color choices.

We recommend navy grenadine tie for a nice texture but any other style is fine as well.

Burgundy is the second most versatile tie color after navy.

If you decide to get a black suit for a classy formal event, make sure you’ve got a black tie to match.

2x Leather Shoes

shoesStart with a leather black pair of shoes as they go well with everything then add a brown pair afterwards.

Styles we recommend are oxfords or bluchers (aka Derby) which are both classics.

Avoid square toed shoes as they were an old trend that’s fading out and has a negative rep in the style world.

2x Leather Belts

beltsIf you didn’t already know, the color of your leathers (shoes, belts and watch straps) should ALWAYS be matching.

Start with a black leather belt to match every outfit then add in a brown leather belt afterwards.

1x Dress Watch

A classic dress watch is an essential accessory in every man’s wardrobe to complete his outfits with class.

Match the color of the leather strap on your watch to the color of your belt and shoes for each outfit.

With watch wearing etiquette, you should also match the color of your metals (casing of your watch casing, belt buckle, cuff links, etc).

If you’re looking for one watch to match with every outfit, then choose a watch with a black casing and black metal band like the one shown in the image.

Black metals offer the advantage of being neutral so it doesn’t matter what color leathers or metals you wear, it can work with everything.

DSC03501 copy

You don’t need to go out and buy every item right away, we share our suggestions on what styles to start with first if you can only afford one and over time as you save up small amounts each month, you can invest further into your wardrobe.

In the upcoming days we’ll be sharing with you how to further expand your wardrobe beyond the essentials.

Here’s a sneak peak of what to expect: Slim fit jumpers, black tie and suit, pocket squares, tie clips, and a coat.

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