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How do I dress like a grown-up?

We men decide that we want to ‘dress better’ because we’re tired of the clothes we wore as a teenager and feel like the way we dress and our age doesn’t match up.

The problem is… most men are kind of lost with how to transition from graphic tees, cargos and hoodies to a mature look that suits them without looking old and boring.

There are two essential rules to dressing maturely without looking old and boring like a “dad” style.  

1. A Good Fit Is Essential

The best advice you’ll ever get to dress more mature without looking too old is to find clothes that fit.

A “dad” look isn’t achieved by the clothes you wear, but by poor fitting and baggy clothes.

Of course we come in all shapes and sizes, so you’ll want to find clothes that fit your body as best as you can and if needed, find a tailor to fix up your clothes to complement your figure.

Clothing alteration is actually quite affordable and Antonio over at Real Men Real Style offers a great guide on how much it costs to get clothes altered.

2. Simple, Timeless Styles

Dressing maturely means dressing in an understated manner – simple, but effective.

Think: button-down shirts, polos, plain t-shirts, chinos/cotton-blend trousers, dark jeans, coats, sports jackets, jumpers, etc all with simple and timeless colors.

You may have noticed from our “How to build a versatile wardrobe” guide that these colors are generally white, grey, navy or tan colors since they are simple but versatile.

Avoid large brand logos, graphics and overly bright colors.

Maybe you want to dress more mature to be taken more seriously by your boss and colleagues, or maybe it’s to present yourself as a mature and confident man when finally building up enough courage to talk to that pretty lass you’ve been interested in.

Whatever your reason, you’ve made a good decision.

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