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The end of Liquid Co’s flagship products


Some of you may not know this, but the Key Caddy and Essentialist Wallet started by accident when our co-founders Peter, Quinn, and Franz participated in a 3D building competition in 2013 hosted by a friend. They had 30 hours to come up with an idea and build it. A lot of people were interested so it lead to the launch of a Kickstarter campaign which gave birth to Liquid Co.

Key Caddy – Kickstarter Campaign

Essentialist Wallet – Kickstarter Campaign


Thank you for the amazing journey

Before we even became a business, our goal was to design watches and classic accessories for gentlemen.

We had a great run with the Key Caddy and Essentialist Wallet but it’s finally time for us to put aside this “accidental” project that’s provided us and our fans with an amazing journey so that we can focus on the direction of our initial business plan and passion which unfortunately these two products don’t fit into.

Click on the link below to view our latest products from watches, leather card holders to key belt clips.



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Liquid Co. designs daily accessories for the everyday gentleman.
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  • Michael

    The essential wallet may not be a “classic accessory” but it was definitely classy. I discovered your Kickstarter campaign after it ended but was relieved to find that you had an online store where I could still purchase it. I had to put it off for a bit until I had enough discretionary funds but when I was finally ready to buy it, you no longer sell it! There was and still is no other wallet on the market that even came close to yours and now I can’t get it… very disappointed.

  • Vinícius Arnoni

    Well, that’s disappointing.

    For sure it was a great thing what you guys did, the key caddy is geniously designed and crafted; perfectly fits in coin pocket, is study and elegant and overall has been a pleasure company during all this time I’ve been using it.

    Came back planning to buy a whole lot for Christmas (you know, for the cared ones) and for that I can say it’s disappointing.

    I’ve been struggling to live a fulfilling live myself, so I can relate with the feeling described. Can’t relate with this “burning bridges” approach you chose to take, tough.

    Despite our different opinions on the matter, I honestly wish you good luck and success, anyways.

    Regards from Brazil!

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