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How Often Should You REALLY Wash Your Clothes?

When you were a kid, laundry was easy – you knew your clothes were dirty when your parents washed them for you.

Now that you’re a grown man, it’s time to do your own laundry however, if you wash clothes too frequently, you’ll shorten their lifespan, and if you wash them too rarely, you’ll invite odors and unhygienic bacteria growth.

So, after how many wears should clothes be washed?

Garments closest to your sweat glands (armpits, feet, genital areas) require more frequent washing while garments that remain further away require less frequent washing:

  • Socks – After every wear
  • Underwear – After every wear
  • Sportswear and Swimwear – After every wear
  • Undershirts – After every wear
  • T-shirts and Polo’s – After one to two wears
  • Towels – After three uses
  • Pajamas – After three to four wears
  • Button-down shirts – After three to four wears
  • Suits – After four to five wears
  • Jackets – After five to six wears
  • Winter hats, scarves and gloves – once a month during the cold season
  • Coats – Once every two months of wear
  • Jeans – Most manufacturers recommend waiting as long as you can before washing them. In fact, the CEO of Levi’s didn’t wash his jeans for over a year. Instead of washing them, it’s recommended to wipe them with a damp cloth or freeze them.
  • Bed sheets – once a week. Okay this isn’t clothing but there’s no point in keeping your clothes clean if you’re sleeping in dirty sheets.

Obviously if you’ve had a long day of excessive sweating or have food stains on your clothes then you don’t need us to tell you when to wash your clothes.

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