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Watch Etiquette: Choosing The Right Watch For Your Outfit


Many guys are unaware of the etiquette involved in watch wearing. Wearing the wrong watch with the wrong outfit can make you stand out like a sore thumb and look silly.

We’re here to help you avoid these common mistakes and wear your watches like a man of style.

1. Match Your Watch With Your Outfit

Imagine a guy wearing a tuxedo paired with a huge digital sports watch with a rubber band = HUGE fail and this will completely detract from any style or class he had left over.

Wearing the appropriate watch with your outfit shows that you know how to complement your attire well and will gain you respect from the gentlemen and gazing eyes from the ladies.


If your daily dressing preference or work attire involves wearing a buttoned shirt then your ideal watch would be one that is 9mm thick or less so that it won’t constantly get caught on your sleeves during the day and become annoying.

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2. Match Your Leathers

If you generally wear black shoes and belts then you should get a watch with a black leather strap. Likewise, a wardrobe consisting of mainly brown leather calls for a watch with a brown leather strap. Wearing a watch with a metal band allows you to ignore this rule.

3. Match Your Metals

The colors of your metals should be similar or matching. Watch cases typically come in three colors: silver, gold/rose gold or black. A silver watch casing goes with a silver belt buckle, while a gold/rose gold watch casing goes with a gold belt buckle.

Watches with a black casing provide the advantage of being neutral, meaning you can wear it with anything.

Not wearing any metals? Then go ahead and choose whichever casing suits your taste.

4. Choose The Right Size

Watch cases come in a variety of diameters with 40mm being the standard size to fit most wrists.

Men with smaller wrists should stick with watches that have a case diameter of between 38mm – 40mm while men with larger wrists may prefer a watch case between 40mm – 45mm.

Some men with larger wrists prefer the look of a smaller case on their wrist which is fine however, men with small wrists should not attempt to wear a watch that is too big for their wrist otherwise it will look out of place and inappropriate.

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A watch doesn’t simply tell the time for men of style – it’s an essential accessory that completes every outfit and provides us with a form of self-expression to let others know of our taste in style and who we are.

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