Survey Results: The Ideal Watch

Several days ago we sent out a survey to find out what were the most important aspects of a watch according to our fans in order to help us design the ideal watch.

In this post we’ll be going through the survey results and feedback we’ve received.

Here’s some of the things we’ll be discussing:

  • Don’t pay 10x – 20x what it costs to make a watch!
  • The most popular color combinations for a watch
  • What are the most important features of a watch
  • A close look at “GENUINE LEATHER” vs Italian Calf Leather
  • Feedback on our watch prototype

At the end of the post you’ll see render designs of the different color options we’re thinking about along with some design adjustments we’ve made.

What Makes An Ideal Watch?

Realistically, there is no individual watch that is ideal for everybody. Everyone has their own tastes in design, sizing, materials, colors, etc. What may be ideal for one person may be the complete opposite for another. Our survey helped us find out what the majority of our fans saw as their ideal watch and provided us with plenty of feedback and ideas.

A watch breaks down into several key components and each person has their own preference:

  • Style and design of the watch face
  • Strap – leather vs metal vs NATO
  • Watch movement – quartz vs automatic
  • Color combinations
  • Watch features and functionality
  • and much more..

Ever since the inception of Liquid Co. we have had various requests from fans who’d love to see our designs for various other men’s accessories including watches. We’ve had requests for unique concepts and also for classical and familiar designs. So far, most of our products are considered unique/different concepts and we’re looking to expand our audience reach. With this in mind, we have decided to diversify our product range by starting off with a classical time piece; a dress watch that is understated, simple, yet stylish and can be worn everyday with any outfit.

How much does your watch really cost?

Big brand watch companies are charging 10x – 20x the price that it costs to make a watch, simply because they can. Some companies even use low quality components and materials while charging these premium prices!

Our goal is to build a premium quality watch – inside and out without a ridiculous mark up price. Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing with you what makes a good watch, what parts are required to make a watch, how much each part actually costs and how they can affect your experience.

Lets Get Started – The Survey


72.8% voted that they used their watch as an accessory to complement their outfit
70.6% voted that they wear a watch to keep track of the time
69.9% voted that they wear a watch to look professional for their work/casual life
37.5% voted that they wear a watch because it makes them feel good
4.4% voted ‘Other’ reasons which were mainly as a smart watch to receive notifications or for no particular reason other than just wanting to or they don’t know why and are used to wearing a watch.

This first question becomes the foundation of how the watch should be designed and which components and materials are appropriate to reflect these purposes.

Aside from telling the time, wearing a watch as an accessory to complement an outfit and to look professional in everyday life were the most important.

A simple and understated watch will complement almost every outfit and provide that professional look while a watch that has too many buttons, hands, contrasting colors and standout features will make it more difficult to match an outfit.

Sizing is also important when looking for an everyday watch. Have you ever had the issue of your watch getting caught constantly at the sleeve of your shirt? It’s frustrating and uncomfortable which is why our focus will be on a thin designed casing for the everyday watch.


At the end of this post we’ll be sharing some render designs for you to see what the color combinations would look like visually. (Please comment and let us know your thoughts and which color combo appeals to you the most – visually seeing the designs can make a big difference!)

ideal watch diameterv2

40mm is the standard sizing for most wrists. Surprisingly there are a lot of people with larger wrists who prefer sizes larger than 40mm and even more surprising that many watch companies don’t cater to this!

For our very first release (coming in the near future), we’ll be sticking with the standard 40mm casing, however shortly after we’ll be releasing a larger version for those with bigger wrists.
how important each of these details are

Here are the scores in order of importance:

Looks/Aesthetics = 4.7/5
Quality and feel of strap = 4.4/5
Pricing = 4.1/5
Watch Movement = 4.1/5
Sapphire Glass = 3.7/5

Looks/Aesthetics – We regularly look at our watch to tell the time, appreciate its beauty and we feel jolly and warm inside when receiving compliments about our watch – it only makes sense that this was voted as the most important factor.

Quality and feel of strap – The second most important factor is the quality and feel of the strap. A strap hugs your wrist all day long and you’d want it to be as comfortable and beautiful as possible since no watch is complete without an outstanding strap to match with it. In the photo of our first prototype, we were using a regular genuine leather strap – this is the same type of leather that most watch companies use and is considered as the standard leather for watches. It has the standard “GENUINE LEATHER” stamp on inside of the strap. Although a strap can be “Genuine Leather” the quality of leather can vary greatly.

Slack for iOS Upload (1)

Doesn’t it suck when you buy a brand new and beautiful watch only to have the leather strap feel cheap, discolored, worn out and cracked after a short period of use? We’ve definitely experienced this heartache ourselves so there is no chance we’re going to settle for average when it comes to the strap. In our final design, we’ll be using only the best quality straps that we can get our hands on – Italian Calf Leather. (There were feedback for metal straps which we will look into offering also)

Photo comparison of leather straps: regular leather in the black strap and Italian calf leather in brown

untitled shoot-7487v2long-strap-p1long-strap-p2


There’s a huge difference in texture and feel between Italian calf leather and regular leather. Italian calf leather contours to the wrist perfectly and feels much more premium and soft to the touch. Regular leather doesn’t contour to the wrist as nicely, with some areas of the strap being thicker than others. Over time cracks in the leather may also appear on the regular leather strap as several of you have mentioned.

Pricing and Watch Movement – Pricing and watch movement come in as equals in third place so we’d need to choose a movement that is of high quality and accurately tells the time but also doesn’t cause a big spike in the price of the watch.

Sappire Glass – Sapphire glass which provides scratch resistance to the glass was voted as the least important factor out of the five and is seen as more of a bonus finishing touch to a watch (according to the feedback in question 5.).

5. Briefly describe your ideal watch 

describe ideal watch


This is a screenshot of some of the answers we received. A black watch, simple, classy, and high quality straps were the most popular answers.

There were other answers which came up every now and then including: being light, having multiple strap options to be interchanged and various color combo suggestions.

ideal pricing

$150 – $200 seems to be the sweet spot for the ideal watch however $100 – $150 follows closely behind so we’ll be taking all of this into consideration when choosing the components and when working out our pricing. You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for a premium quality watch.

7. Last one: Let us know what you think about the current design of the watch and what you would like to see added/removed and what materials/components you’d want this watch to have.

what they think of current design

We received HUNDREDS of survey submissions and the screenshot above is just a fraction of the feedback we received on the first prototype.

Here’s a quick look at our first prototype that was put up for critique:

untitled shoot-7439v2untitled shoot-7451vvuntitled shoot-7428v2

Here’s a summary of the most common feedback, we’ll start with the good first:

  • The design and simplicity is great
  • Great as a dress watch
  • The circular lines on the watch face is interesting and nice
  • Would love to see other colors

Now the bad (or general feedback and things that need improvement):

  • The strap in the photo looks low quality. Please use a high quality strap!
  • The minute and hour hands are flat and look ugly. They don’t match the rest of the design
  • Add a date

We’ve taken all of this feedback into consideration and will be addressing some of them below.

Strap – check our answers to survey question 4. above regarding the watch strap.

Minute/Hour hands – We received several feedback on this and it is an important one. We’ve adjusted the design to have more of a 3D effect to match the five second hands instead of being flat.

Date – We’ll consider adding in a date as we discuss the designs and functionality of this watch further over the next few days and select our parts.

Stay tuned as we’ll be publishing the next blog post in a few days where we’ll be announcing the parts we’ll be using plus giving you a mini crash course of everything you need to know about watches and how companies price their watches!

As promised, here’s a sneak peak of some renders we’ve put together to give you a visual look at the different color combinations (the text, circular lines and logo are debossed aka pressed down into the watch face so they won’t stand out. This keeps the design interesting yet minimal without much distraction):

P.S. Please comment below letting us know which color combination looks best for you!

Note: You can click on the images or right click and open in a new tab to enlarge and see them in better detail.











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