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Key Caddy Sample Batch Has Arrived + Important Updates!

UPDATE: We launched and fulfilled a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign for the Key Caddy. Check out our crowd funding campaign here.

Good day to all our fans worldwide!

On Friday evening our sample batch of Key Caddy’s arrived at our office. In today’s post, we’ll be going through a few important updates:

1. What we’ve done so far up until now
2. What we still have left to do before our major Kickstarter launch in December
3. Information on our soft launch coming in the next 1 – 2 weeks and other things to expect
4. An FAQ section at the bottom of this post compiled of the many questions we’ve received through social media and emails which would be useful for you guys
And yes, this time we also have black screws as well. You can go with gold screws, or black screws. (We’ll post a photo of the gold key caddy as soon as we’ve finished them!)

Key Caddy

UPDATE: We’re no longer offering the white and gold Key Caddy’s and the grey has been updated to a darker gun metal grey which you can see here

We’ll be offering 4 colors: Black, Grey, White, and Gold. Gold is still currently being worked on and we’ll be driving to pick it up from our local manufacturer in Australia at the end of this week. Black and grey are hard anodized and are more durable and prone to scratches. Gold is regular anodized and white is spray painted the same way white rims on cars are done.

Intro – What is a Key Caddy?

The Key Caddy is our version of a key organizer. Think of it as a Swiss army knife that can be customized to fit your keys, USB, bottle openers and other accessories (which we’re still working on). We aren’t the first to build a key organizer and they’ve been around for a while now. What we are building is our own take on a key organizer that applies our design aesthetics and functionality. The problems we’ve found with other key organizers currently on the market were that most of them weren’t as beautiful as we would have liked. The other major problem we’ve heard from people who’ve used other key organizers is that their screws come undone over time – BIG PROBLEM. Nobody wants to have all their keys, screws and components come apart in their pocket or even worse, while they are using their keys.

We previously built our Essentialist Wallet and through months of testing we created our own solution with a built in post into the base of our product as well as our very own custom screws in order to prevent the problem of screws loosening over time. We’ve applied this same solution to the Key Caddy.

1. What have you guys been doing with the Key Caddy for the last few months?

To summarize it, the last 5 – 6 months have been testing, and tweaking the prototypes. Earlier in the year we built our very first prototype and have made multiple adjustments since then. We personally used a Key Caddy ourselves through our everyday lives from driving to work, opening doors at home, opening doors at work, using a USB with it, using our bottle opener with it, swinging it in and out, running with it, going to meetings with it, dropping it, showing it off to family and friends, leaving it on our desk, basically using it through everyday life to replace our old key rings that used to carry our keys. Along the way any problems that we found were quickly fixed it up in our designs.

Initially our design was too small and some keys would bulge out, other issues were with coloring that we couldn’t get right since the product was a lot smaller and more difficult to anodize.

After many prototypes, we’re now confident that we have a solid process in place and have made a small sample batch of 150 units which we’ve confirmed are all up to our standard and are ready to be released!

2. What’s happening between now and December launch time?

The first phase was testing our product through everyday life and tweaking until it was perfect. Between now until December, we will be spending on preparation for our launch. Setting up a Kickstarter campaign and preparing all the things we need to is not an easy task that we’ll get done overnight. We want to make sure we’re well prepared and have enough breathing space to make sure we are comfortable and ready by launch date.

Here’s a quick list of some of the things we’ll be doing prior to launching:
– Having a soft launch
– We’ll be sending out some Key Caddy samples to interested partners, bloggers and social media influencers with a large audience who would be interested in helping us promote our launch
– Shooting a promotional video and editing
– Photoshoot of our products on it’s own and also being used in action
– Setting up our Kickstarter page, content and reward pledges and submitting it in for approval
– Preparing a media kit
– Further marketing to get further exposure and awareness for our Key Caddy and launch
– Working on packaging ideas and designs

We haven’t solidified a launch date yet but you can expect it to be in early December.

3. Information on the soft launch and what else to expect during the next 2 weeks

Our soft launch for the Key Caddy’s will be held in the next 1 – 2 weeks. We’re still working on confirming the quantities of each color that we should make available for the soft launch. The sale will only last for 24 – 72 hours and we’ll be releasing only about 100 – 125 units. We’re expecting them to sell out pretty quickly so make sure you’re signed up to our email list on our homepage or in the top right corner of our blog here. More information on the time and dates will be released throughout the week.

Also, a while back we sent out a survey in which 1,005 people participated in and gave us some amazing but also shocking statistics. We’re working on an infographics for this and will be sharing it with you all soon.

4. Some FAQs:

How many keys can the Key Caddy hold?
By default the key caddy holds 4 keys (2 each side). We also have additional extension posts which can be screwed on and allows for an additional 4 keys to be added with each pair of extension posts. So it can fit 4 keys, 8 keys, 12 keys, etc.

Here’s what the extension posts look like:

What if I have an odd number of keys such as 3 keys or 5 keys?
For this we have a 2mm spacer which is about the same thickness as regular keys and it would fit in the place of a key to keep it all even. Since the key caddy holds in additions of 4, if you had only 3 keys, you’d place 2 keys on one side, and 1 key + a spacer on the other side to make it even.

If you only have 1 key? Then the 3 other spots can be filled with these spacers.

Nylon spacer which acts as a key in case you have an odd number of keys

Will my keys fit?
The most important part in determining whether your keys will fit or not is the hole in your key. The diameter of the post where keys fit onto is 4mm so the diameter of the hole in your key should be 4.1mm or more (4mm would make it really tight to squeeze on). You can figure this out by using a ruler and measuring across the hole to see if it is more than 4.1mm.

The maximum recommended length of key to fit would be 6.5cm or less. The absolute longest key length to fit would be 7cm but it requires adding in a variety of our 2mm spacers and extension posts to work.

In the image below, the diameter of this key hole is about 6mm. It’s more than 4.1mm so it will fit easily.

Can I attach my car keys?
You sure can! On the edge of the key caddy we’ve added a small piece which fits keyrings on that you can attach your car key or fob remotes to. Unfortunately we can’t put car keys INSIDE the actual key caddy because thickness and size varies greatly, it would add on too much bulk and wouldn’t look aesthetically appealing, so it will have to be attached on the side of it.


Do you ship worldwide?
Yes of course we ship worldwide =)

What does the Key Caddy weigh (without keys)?
The Key Caddy weighs 23 grams (including screws, washers, etc) which is the equivalent of 0.8 oz

What are the dimensions?
The dimensions are:
8cm (L) x 2.7cm (W) x 1cm (H). The height really depends on the amount of keys you have but for our one with 4 standard keys, the height is 1cm.

What’s the longest length of key that would fit?
The maximum recommended length of key to fit in would be 6.5cm or less. The absolute longest key length to fit would be 7cm but it requires adding in a variety of our 2mm spacers and extension posts in order for it to work.

When are you guys launching?
We’ll be launching on Kickstarter in December. However, we’ll be having a soft launch to sell about 100 units in about 1 – 2 weeks. Make sure you’re signed up to our email list to be notified!

Most importantly – how much will they cost?
– Soft launch in 1 – 2 weeks – $37. They won’t be coming with the proper branded packaging, but they will be packed safely. We don’t have the time right now to have packaging prepared yet. Those who order during our soft launch will be able to get theirs before Christmas time!
– For Kickstarter, they’ll be going for $37.
– Early birds of our Kickstarter launch will be able to own them for $27.
– Retail will be $47. 

Kindly let us know in the comment section below what your favorite color combo is!


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  • Julio

    When ordering a key caddy for $37does it come with the pair of extensions, 2mm spacers and key rings for the edge of the key?

    Also will we be able to order the USB drive at the same time we order the key caddy? If so does the USB occupy the space of a key? If so then we would need the extensions for the other keys, correct?

    • Reply

      Hey Julio! It comes with 2mm spacers, key rings for the edge of the key and everything you need besides the extensions and USB. Extensions and USBs are purchased separately, but they can both be added to your order together with the Key Caddy once checking out.

      Yes you will be able to order the USB drive at thee same time you order the key caddy and the USB does occupy one space of a key. If you had 3 keys + 1 USB that would be a perfect fit, otherwise if you had 4 keys and a USB then you’d need the extension post.

  • DLawson

    I like the white with the gold screws…goes with my car perfectly but I’m anxious to see the gold caddy. Also I like the black with the gold screws!

  • Eric P.

    The Gray with Gold screws looks awesome will definitely be getting that color combo

  • Benjamin Ohene

    Another question: how often do you have to tighten the screws from movement/everyday use?

    • Reply

      Hey Benjamin, great question and that was one of the biggest complaints we’ve heard from people using other key holders – that their screws would loosen and their product would fall apart.

      I’ve been using the key caddy prototype personally since April and haven’t ever needed to tighten the screws. The only time I’ve had to unscrew and screw in the screws is when I needed to take apart the key caddy to add in new keys/accessories or change out some.

      – Peter

  • Nikita

    I really like the Grey and Gold combo with the Key Caddy!

    Although I’m liking the variety with different coloured screws for people with different tastes. The biggest of luck with the kickstarter release on this guys! Looking GREAT.

  • Leo

    I really like the look of the Black & Gold colour combo or White & Gold best. They just look classier than all the others more aesthetically appealing. Im very keen on these I’ve been commenting on you guys Instagram page for them under the name leo-genesis if you remember lol 😉 get these happenin already!!!

  • Anej Zver

    I am eager for the gold one woth black screws, but black woth gold screws looks awesome, so know i have to decide.

  • Charlie

    Black w/ black screws or black w/ gold screws looks solid!

  • Aaron

    Black with gold screws definitely is tops! Although, I’ve had the liquid wallet for awhile now (love it!) but a problem I’m getting is the edges (probably should buy thicker jeans anyway) and I will definitely be looking out for the key caddy. Will you guys be selling replacement parts (e.g. screws, the band, plates) for both caddy and wallet? Also is this safe to bring on a plane for travel, has anyone tried it with or without the can opener attachment?

  • steven

    y didn’t have military green……. i thought can match as a set item……. Zzzzzz

    • Reply

      We’ve currently discontinued the Military Green as it was doing as well as the other colors and was also quite difficult to get the color consistent with each batch. We’ll consider making some Military Green key caddy’s if there’s enough demand for it and will keep you posted! If we’re able to get a small amount done then we might just do that if possible and we’ll let you know.

  • andy

    Definitely black on black for me..
    Can’t wait for one

  • Sarah

    They look awesome!

    Not sure if I am just blind…but where do we place our orders for the soft launch or is that not available to do so yet…? Apologies if this is written somewhere.

    As for my combo…black on black.

    • Reply

      Hi Sarah, don’t worry you’re not blind! The soft launch isn’t yet available. We’ll be releasing the details for that in a few days once we’ve confirmed numbers that we’ll have available for the soft launch.

  • Bart

    I’d love to have the black caddy with gold screws, please! Friends and family in Sydney are jealous of me! 🙂

  • Liam

    I really like the black on black. Do you have any plans to offer your Essentialist Wallet in the same colours?

    • Reply

      Yes we are, we’re working on the same colors for our next batch of the Essentialist Wallets.

      • Liam

        Awesome, do you have a rough release date for the next batch of Essentialist Wallets in the new colour ways ?

        • Reply

          Hi Liam, we’re not 100% sure yet but new color batch would be towards December/January. We’re tweaking the bottom plate slightly based off the feedback we’ve received to make it easier to take cards out. There’ll be a small finger slot at the bottom to easily push cards up and looking into a cover for the back with a pouch to hold coins as well. Stay tuned!

  • J.

    Love the liquid wallet. But the key caddy would be a great addition for those folks who have more than 2 keys.

    I gather that you will be adding options to this product (knives, screwdriver heads, etc). One thing to seriously consider: offering a USB Flash Drive designed for the key caddy – I think you’ll get a lot of takers for that product option. It would be great to simply have something like that available when going to a business meeting, etc. You never know when you’ll need to download files.

    I vote gold on black.

  • Reply

    Intersted in them all, but specifically the Black on Black for me personally. I am interested in being your San Diego and Los Angeles distributor.

  • Jayden

    Love the original black with gold screws. But the grey with black screws is awesome. Keep up the great work!

  • Alec

    Black with gold screws!, followed by black and black screws.

  • Marcus

    Keeping it classy with the black and gold.

  • Ericka

    I am torn between the gray and black and the black on black! All of the key caddys look AMAZING though, cant wait for the soft launch!

  • TP

    Black on black. Simplicity is sophistication

  • Birch Eve

    Black and Gold would be a pretty sweet combo! Are you going to be offering any different colors? (Like Purple)

    • Reply

      Hey Birch, other colors may be a possibility in the future but for our launch we’ll be sticking with these colors + gold. We might do other colors if there is a high demand for them 🙂

  • Anthony

    Black with gold screws looks awesome.

  • Tristan

    Black and gold, no doubt. Can’t wait to show it off to the NYU community!

  • Josh

    The black with gold screws is by far the best option, simple yet still stylish enough to turn heads.

  • Dan

    Black on black takes first place.
    with gold on black taking second and
    gold on white bringing it home into third.

  • Chia

    What is the dimension of the key caddy? How about the maximum length of key to fit in?

    • Reply

      Hey Chia,

      Good question and we should be adding that into our FAQ!

      The dimensions are:
      8cm (L) x 2.7cm (W) x 1cm (H). The height really depends on the amount of keys you have but for our one with 4 standard keys, the height is 1cm. The maximum length of key to fit in should be 6.5cm or less. The absolute longest key length to fit would be 7cm but it requires a bit of adding in a variety of our 2mm spacers and extension posts to work.

  • Andy Lampy

    I want one!!!! I’ve been anticipating this launch ever since I cough wiND of the concept!!!! Gray with black spacers is where it’s at for me!!

  • Jeremy

    Definitely Black on Black…

  • Matt

    Black and black.

  • Danny

    The black and gold is a must, keep it classy

  • Mark khoder

    Black with black screws, awesome news though! Well done Liquid!

  • Setiawan

    black and gold is the best..

  • Chris

    Black on black 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Wouter

    Sign me up for a white/ gold key caddy! If you guys ship them to Amsterdam?

  • Nathan Dam

    White/Black Screws or Black/Black Screws

  • Reply

    Love the silver one with the black screws!

  • Benjamin Ohene

    I’m so looking forward to the soft launch soon to come. I originally love the black caddy w/ gold screws, but that black-on-black is driving me crazy! I need to hold 8 keys. Will there be an option to select how many keys one will be using to determine how many extension posts or spacers will be needed? I also live in New Jersey & want to know how long will deliveries take for international purchases? You guys rock! Keep up the amazing job!

    • Reply

      Hey Benjamin! Agreed, the black on black is quite sexy.

      Yes we will have a way for you to enter in how many keys you have to know how many extension posts/spacers you’ll need. Normally when we send parcels to the US it normally takes about 5 – 7 business days to arrive. Delivery time greatly varies depending on each country but that’s the norm that we’ve noticed for our US friends. Thanks for the awesome comment!

  • Anonymous

    Black on black!

  • Sander van der Geer

    Grey with black screws.

  • Reply

    I would prefer to see my sample as black with gold screws. As I intend to show my buyers a more “classy, elegant and aesthetically appealing”.

    Along with the sample could you give me an idea in terms of the costing for bulk buying to distribute to hamper and gift idea groups that I supply to.

    Look forward to your reply,


  • Haig Deere

    Black with gold screws and white with gold screws are the best ones.

    Awesome product.

  • Reply

    The grey and gold one looks great. Think I prefer my gold liquid wallet though 🙂

  • Daniel

    Cool stuff 🙂 what’s the weight of the caddy (without the keys)?

  • nury aty

    The black key caddy looks the best! so black and classy!!

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