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Our new site has gone live at – and we’re super excited.

We can thank Hackagong 2013 for sparking the beginnings of Liquid Co.

For those who don’t know, here’s our story:

Our friends over in Sydney were hosting a Hackagong event, where we had 30 hours to build a problem-solving product. We had nothing but keys and wallets in our pockets at the time, so subsequently – we thought we’d combine the the two.

After hours of idea generating and thoughtful planning, we were able to create our first plastic prototype of the “Liquid Wallet” – today known as the essentialist wallet. While we were clearly acting on a whim to participate at the event, we were stunned at the overwhelming response received by the Hackagong crowd.

We then, claimed the team name ‘Liquid’  (again, not thinking much at the time about our ‘brand’) and adopted the domain to begin our kickstarter campaign. Thanks to our backing fans, we were able to turn our plastic prototype, into a stylish everyday carry for the modern man/woman – helping keep necessities, essential.

The success of our first kickstarter campaign struck us. We never predicted that we’d receive such support and thought, ‘could we really turn this into a business’? ‘Where do we even start?’

As we learnt more and grew as a team, we began answering those questions ourselves. One of our first steps thereafter, was getting our legalities in order and trademarking Liquid Co. (because ‘Liquid’ was too broad of a name to get trademarked).

Since those whimsy beginnings, we’ve launched 2 successful Kickstarter campaigns; created seven stylish daily essentials, made many mistakes and laughed as we overcame them along the way.

We never seem to stop learning. Some key lessons we’ve faced at Liquid Co, have been to improve our manufacturing and shipping operations (so that you don’t wind up with missing bolts and parts), and promoting ourselves out to the world (so that your friends, and friends friends can hold their essentials in style too).  

Our site’s helped us with a lot of that, it’s been our virtual home. Like a home that’s got a welcoming new baked bread smell (mmmm), we too have had a focus on helping welcome and guide you into carrying your everyday essentials through our creative designs and thoughtful blog posts.

Now, we’re changing things up. Don’t worry,  we’re not leaving any of our any of our ballsy statistics and wanderlust tips behind –  we’re just tweaking a few virtual nuts and bolts, to make it better.

We’ve redesigned our new site – bringing you a beautiful experience the second you come past. We’ve made it easy to navigate and simplified the mobile checkout for your convenience. We’ve also added multiple currency options, so that you know your dollars – wherever you are across the globe.

We had no idea when we first started that Liquid Co., would grow to where it is today. And whether you’ve joined us from our Kickstarter days, or have just stumbled upon us now…we’d like to thank you for being a part of our journey.

The launch of is another milestone we’re able to share with you, as we continue on our mission to keep only the essential things necessary, in a complex, cluttered world.


Liquid Co.
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Liquid Co. designs daily accessories for the everyday gentleman.
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