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The 6 Devastating Statistics That Prove Key Rings Are Overdue For an Upgrade

Did you know the key rings were first invented in the 1830s by a juggler in Russia? Instead of holding keys though, they were used to keep together various other objects. It wasn’t until 1922 that a man named G Herluf Johnson saw the use of key rings to keep keys together and key rings have been used to carry keys ever since. Since then until now, our fashion has advanced, our technology has advanced and even our societies have all dramatically advanced, yet people still use key rings to carry their keys which are cumbersome, clunky, noisy and unappealing key rings to hold their keys on. Maybe because there’s not much awareness for other alternatives yet or the adoption for a better solution else hasn’t caught on. We hope to change that.
Earlier this year we conducted a survey asking people about their current key holders which consisted of 1,005 beautiful participants from our newsletter subscribers and we found some shocking statistics:


Some main points to highlight:

  • 55% of people have personally experienced or known someone who has been poked in the balls by their keys! You can add one of our co-founders into that list of people as well.
  • 67% of people have had their pockets ripped by their keys
  • A whole 91% of people who are not happy with their current key holders. That’s 9 out of every 10 people who aren’t happy with their key rings and there hasn’t been much awareness for alternative solutions! Until now…

We’re Ending Violence Against balls.

We are launching our Key Caddy this December 17th to end violence against balls. Balls are important, we don’t have to explain why but we definitely need to keep them safe. We want to raise awareness for people all around the world that there are alternative solutions to avoid being jabbed in the balls and pockets being ripped by their keys.

Action Shot 3 Action Shot 7 DSC_1048

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No matter who you are, regardless of your gender there’s an important man in your life that needs his gonads safe and sound – it could be a father, brother, friend, partner, relative, etc. But not only is the Key Caddy a gonad protecting unit, it also helps you freshen up the style of your keys and helps your keys get with the times and advance with fashion.

How would the Key Caddy protect balls and pockets?

Keys usually have pointy and jagged edges which over time can wear out the insides of your pants pockets if there’s a lot of friction and movement –  regardless of how expensive your pants were. The Key Caddy keeps all your keys in a slim unit, preventing those pointy jagged edges of keys from ever touching your pants. It also has sleek chamfered (beveled) edges all around so nothing sharp or pointy will have friction against your pockets (unless you add on accessories or other things onto it).

You know Wolverine from X-men? He has those epic claws, now imagine inside your pockets, that’s how your keys would be like every now and then if it’s on a key ring with lots of keys. When you stand up and sit down, jog, run, stand up and sit down again etc it puts you at risk of just even one single key jabbing you in the thigh, and for 55% of the unlucky men out there – right in the BALLS (OUCH!)


IMG_1356_1photo credit from:

With the Key Caddy, it’s like having a single key in your pocket, no Wolverine claws trying to swing at your family jewels every time you move.

Our proudest achievement

If there’s one thing about the Key Caddy that we would say we are most proud of, it would probably be this. The Key Caddy fits easily into your pants coin pockets!! Many people don’t even realize what a coin pocket is or what it’s used for. Well it’s called a coin pocket because it’s made for holding coins, however, we think that you’d all agree that it would take quite some effort to take coins out of there and be really inconvenient. Maybe whoever invented it could rename it to the Key Caddy pocket? (If anybody knows the inventor and can introduce us to them, please do).


You’ll finally have a use for your coin pockets and even free up space in your regular pockets if you wanted to.

We’re just adding the finishing touches to the content for launch day (December 17th AEST) so if you could help us out by answering the question below in the comments section, we’ll select one person and gift them a Key Caddy in the color of their choice:

What is the biggest influence in whether you’d own a Key Caddy or not? (Price, customer service, social proof from other users, whether the design is beautiful in your standards, differentiation from competitors, specifications of the product, what it’s made from, ordering process, something else? etc).

Much love to you all,
Team Liquid

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  • Joe

    That coin pocket is a watch pocket…for your pocket watch…I used to carry a leather key case but found dead a key ring on my belt was more convenient for need of a key to get into house quick, sometimes I snag them on things but I’m a bit clumsy anyway lol…but it’s a watch pocket invented in Levi’s in the 1800s …I think so

  • Reply

    […] we’re changing things up. Don’t worry,  we’re not leaving any of our any of our ballsy statistics and wanderlust tips behind –  we’re just tweaking a few virtual nuts and bolts, to make it […]

  • Devin Conwell

    Price, how it looks, and if it will fit all of my keys.

  • Jean Ocampo

    The biggest factor for initially purchasing it to me was just how incredibly unique the product was. I ordered a key caddy from the soft launch and it has gotten a lot of attention and I do get compliments on it quite often. I liked the product so much that i actually wanted to purchase a few more as gifts but the only critique I do have is that there was an incident where I did drop it once and it got pretty scratched and damaged in the corner where it hit the pavement. I know that it would be impossible to make it scratch proof but I would love for it to be a little more scratch resistant before I went ahead a purchased more.

  • rogelio

    1. I need something that I can buy for life. It can’t be dented up after a year. All the high design would be useless if it ends up looks like crap.
    2. Ultimately, the Key Organizer that I would use will be a statement piece. It will state that I can keep myself organized, and that I can get a lot of function with as little as possible.

    I believe that we must work together to end violence against balls. However, we must also work against violence against pants, and violence against thighs. I think the Key Caddy will help end bodily abuse.

    • Quinn Nguyen

      Thanks Rogelio for your feedback. You raise up some interesting points. Product durability is something we always consider and buying a product that last a lifetime brings tremendous value as you can pass it on to future generations- It also benefits the environment as less things goes to waste.

      And yes, the Key Caddy will be a statement piece, i’ll promise you that. Violence against against balls, pants and thighs will end this December 😉

      From Quinn
      Lead product designer

  • Sofia

    1. The uniqueness of it all – its so clever and unique
    2. The price – such an awesome price for such a handy device
    3. The fact that it matches my liquid wallet, now i have room for all my other keys 🙂

  • Charles Mabbutt

    1. keys must not stick out, causing discomfort when falling over
    2. Must subtly stand out (Use sharper lines, while staying away from bright colours)
    3. Must be durable (because nobody likes something which breaks, Please use the material that was used for the original wallet)

    • Quinn Nguyen

      Charles, don’t you worry, i have you covered. We are using Aluminium 6061, same aluminium grade as the Liquid Wallet. – Quinn (lead designer at LiquidCo)

  • Bart

    The biggest influence would be a clip add-on. This works because:
    1. You can clip it to your belt; or
    2. You can clip it to the inside of your pants pocket; or
    3. You can clip it to the shoulder strap of a messenger bag/knapsack/etc.

    This is great because it allows for one less way to lose your caddy. If the clip doesn’t interfere with the operation of the caddy, it’s a great win.

    The other great influence would be Brian Peres’ recommendation.

  • Mark

    The biggest influence for me is quality and design, protecting my balls is a major influencing factor as well!

  • kelvin Lim

    Usefulness and not bulky, pockets are stuffed with wallet, handphone and etc.

  • Haig Deere

    I think they way it looks, i have the Liquid Wallet and have received so many compliments. Not only is the quality great, but its so unique and stands out (great conversation starter). I think its the same with this Key Caddy, its so unique and looks awesome too, i will be getting one.

    • Quinn Nguyen

      Haig, I hear you. Liquid Wallet is definitely something to use to break an awkward silence.

      Lead product design
      Liquid Co

  • Chris Holmes


  • Thomas

    Beautiful design, clear purpose, quality materials, good customer service,… Pretty much anything that you guys have produced so far has fulfilled these wishes!

  • Harpreet

    The overall design, needs to be sleek an attractive. When I pull it out of my pocket people should want to know what it is, or be interested in trying to acquire one for themselves.

  • Patrick

    I think the usability of the product would be the main deciding factor. I like the simplicity of having all my keys together and not jingling about when I’m driving. The Key Caddy will do just that.
    Can’t wait to get mine

  • Sean

    Weter the key Cady is small in the pocket and the edges don’t were holes in my pants.

    • Reply

      Hey Sean, it’s small enough to fit in your coin pocket 🙂

      We’ve kept the edges in mind, so we’ve chamfered (beveled) them so they are nice, smooth and curved to avoid wearing holes in pants

  • Adetilewa

    Quality and price. I’m tired of carrying a bulky key ring as well and I like the idea of the liquid key candy. Great job!

  • Phil

    Honestly the price is the deal breaker on if if get it or not because I have a good amount of keys and this would my Life so much easier but idk if I wanna pay the money or deal with a lil poking and jiggle witch is the worst part of the whole key ring thing

  • Mike Cooper

    It Appears as though the Pocket was originally created for holding the Watch (Pocketwatch) however as the desire toe keep a watch in ones pocket became outdated the pocket took on the use of being a coin pocket. The use of the pock goes as far back as the Very Late, Levi Strauss and his Partner Jacob Davis, whose revolutionary design of using rivets to secure the pocket fastenings made them the most widely sought after workwear pant.

    Not so sure we could get him to rename it, But the way fashion is today we could do it on our own. This is by far the greatest creation to the Key Holder industry.

    • Quinn Nguyen

      Wow, thanks for the insightful information. Yes, we definitely will be challenging the status quo. Soon people will be calling it the Key Caddy Pocket =) – Quinn (Lead designer LiquidCo)

  • Tyler

    Dudes, purely because the caddy is eff’ing AWESOME

  • Brian Peres

    Whether it has room on one side for and is otherwise compatible with the key fobs which many apartment/condo buildings now use. Too many of the “key solutions” floating around online are great for just keys but for the urban dwellers among us, we deal with oddly shaped key fobs. I don’t want to attach it to the outside as the car key fob is, I have no car, just a need for a clean key solution.

    • Reply

      Hey Brian could you send us a photo or direct us to a link of one of the key fobs you’re talking about. We’ve got extension posts and have tried adding in a few of our own key fobs with success so thickness isn’t a problem. The real challenge would be the diameter of the hole on the key fob and how wide it is.

  • Long

    The biggest influence would be practicality and the design. From everything I have seen I am already happy with the design and cannot wait to find out how practicle it is.

  • Kenny

    Keys usually stab me on the thigh when I crouch or squat to reach for objects. The key caddy will change this fact for the better!

  • Daniel

    I bought one because I assumed it would help me organizing my keys in a better way, so functionality was before design. And I already own a liquid wallet and like the idea behind it!

  • Brandon Cote

    First: serves important purpose
    Second: beautiful design
    Third: price

    But honestly if you have the first two then price is usually justified.

    PS your awesome product reminds me of my titanium Secrid card protector I got the other day (and love!) and I really want one of these to complement it. Thanks!

  • Drew Riassetto

    Has to be made of quality materials and be durable.

    • Anonymous

      The ruggedness of the product, the material in which it was made, the cost, the customer service and the dependability. Thank you Liquid Co~!

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